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2005-01-20 - 9:00p.m.'s been a while since I said anything here. Let's see....changes, changes....... The boyfriend/fiance/guy-thing and I broke up for a little while, then we got back together. And now I'm pregnant. Incidentally, I believe the conception date just happens to be about a week after he moved back in. o.o And now I'm looking forward to doing it (pregnancy) all over again. Oh yay. what fun. Can you not see the sarcasm just dripping from my words? I have my first (of many) prenatal appointments tomorrow. Oh joy of joys. This isn't going to be anything big...just an intake appoinment where they ask me a bunch of questions that they should already know by just looking at my goddamned chart! I mean, this WILL be the third time that I've done this....and I had all of my prenatal checkups the same place the other two times. I even gave birth to my first child there! I would have given birth to my second child there, too, but the little brat just HAD to come early and they balked at letting me deliver there because they didn't have a NICU. Well, jokes on them...he didn't need the NICU anyway. Wasn't even premature by weight. Oh well. I've been so sick. I'm so fucking sick of feeling this sick all the freaking time. At least I'm actually able to eat now, though. I'm one up on where I was a few weeks ago, when I couldn't even keep water down. I'm on leave from work. I'm taking a break while my body gets used to the fact that, yes, we are in fact doing this again. My boss was really nice about it, too. I've been really lucky. Had to pull the little brat out of daycare, though. Just couldn't afford it without me working. Not like we really need it when I'm not working, but I know he misses having all those other kids to play with. When mommy is feeling sick, mommy's not that fun to play with. I feel like a heel. Blah. I'm going to go to bed. I'm exhausted. I don't know why. I think the most I did today (aside from taking care of little brat) was make dinner. Yeah...that sounds about right. I did get a hold of my insurance company to try to get names of dentists....I found a hole in one of my molars earlier this week. No one can fit me in before the first of next month. I'm like "I have a freaking hole in my molar. What am I supposed to do?" It's not their problem. It's not their fault, either. I realize this. Oh well. I'm going to go look at my pregnancy calendar this week before I go to bed. Bye!

P.S. Did I mention that my Estimated Due Date is August 27th? No? Ok. Just did. Right in between me and her daddy's birthdays. How strange.

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